Two neuron example

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This script simulates two connected pre- and postsynaptic neurons. The presynaptic neuron receives a constant external current, and the membrane potential of both neurons are recorded.

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First, we import all necessary modules for simulation, analysis and plotting. Additionally, we set the verbosity to suppress info messages and reset the kernel.

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import nest
import nest.voltage_trace


Second, we create the two neurons and the recording device.

neuron_1 = nest.Create("iaf_psc_alpha")
neuron_2 = nest.Create("iaf_psc_alpha")
voltmeter = nest.Create("voltmeter")

Third, we set the external current of neuron 1.

neuron_1.I_e = 376.0

Fourth, we connect neuron 1 to neuron 2. Then, we connect a voltmeter to the two neurons. To learn more about the previous steps, please check out the one neuron example.

weight = 20.0
delay = 1.0

nest.Connect(neuron_1, neuron_2, syn_spec={"weight": weight, "delay": delay})
nest.Connect(voltmeter, neuron_1)
nest.Connect(voltmeter, neuron_2)

Now we simulate the network using Simulate, which takes the desired simulation time in milliseconds.


Finally, we plot the neurons’ membrane potential as a function of time.


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