Tutorials and Guides

First steps: Learn how to use NEST

start PyNEST Tutorial

A step-by-step tutorial that introduces NEST concepts and allows you to develop your first script.

write A basic one neuron example

One neuron example: A breakdown of a basic NEST script using one neuron, to showcase the basic structure of a simulation.

interactive Interactive graphical interface

NEST Desktop: If you prefer a graphical approach, NEST Desktop offers an interactive graphical format for creating neural networks.

Next steps: Create your own network model

math Create neurons, synapses, and devices

random Connect neurons, synapses, and devices

device Device management

simulate Simulate your network

python Handling nodes and connections

gallery Example gallery

network Large network models

Discover how to build large and more complex network models with these examples:

parallel Parallel computing

More topics

hpc High performance computers (HPC)

connect Connect to other tools