Please cite the version of NEST you used in your work.

For all versions from 2.8 onwards, you can find the full citation on Zenodo You can also specify the commit hash for work done in the development branches.

You can let us know about your publications that used NEST, and we will add them to our publication list; this will help make them visible to potential readers.

You can also get the NEST logo for your poster or presentation.

For all versions below NEST 2.8.0 and for citing NEST without referring to a specific version, please use: Gewaltig M-O & Diesmann M (2007) NEST (Neural Simulation Tool) Scholarpedia 2(4):1430.

Here is a suitable BibTeX entry:

  author  = {Marc-Oliver Gewaltig and Markus Diesmann},
  title   = {NEST (NEural Simulation Tool)},
  journal = {Scholarpedia},
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  number  = {4},
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