Lecturer installation instructions

NEST Desktop

NEST Desktop is a graphical user interface designed for illustrating neural network concepts ideal for the classroom setting. There are several materials for Bachelor and Master’s level already prepared.

Docker install

We provide a docker container for NEST that also includes NESTML. You can select from options to also include NEST-Desktop, Jupyter Notebooks, or JupyterLab.

See instructions for docker here.

Live media

We provide an OVA live media format that can work in virtual machines (like Virtualbox). See the live media install instructions here

Alternatively, you can check out the Comp-Neuro Fedora Project. They provide an image of many computational neuroscience tools including NEST!


NEST developers do not officially support the Comp-Neuro Fedora Project. Questions and issues regarding the image from Comp-Neuro Fedora should be directed to that community.

Teaching material

Here is some material that you find useful for your students: