NEST LIVE MEDIA Installation

Download and install a virtual machine if you do not already have one installed.


Although, the following instructions are for Virtual Box, you can use a different virtual machine, such as VMWare.

For Linux users, it is possible to install Virtual Box from the package repositories.


sudo apt-get install virtualbox


sudo dnf install virtualbox


sudo zypper install virtualbox

Download the NEST image for VMs

The VM image of NEST is available in the OVA format, and is suitable, for example, for importing into VirtualBox. If you run Windows, this is the option for you OR if you just want to run NEST without installing it on your computer.

  • Download the latest live media image.


  • Start Virtual Box and import the virtual machine image (File > Import Appliance)

  • Once imported, you can run the NEST image

  • The user password is nest.

Older versions of VM images

NEST Live Media 3.3

Checksum 3.3

NEST Live Media 2.20.2

Checksum 2.20.2

We continuously aim to improve NEST, implement features, and fix bugs with every new version; thus, we encourage our users to use the most recent version of NEST.


  • For better performance you can increase the memory for the machine Settings > System > Base Memory

  • To allow fullscreen mode of the virtual machine you also need to increase the video memory above 16MB. (Settings > Display > Video Memory)

  • If you need to share folders between the virtual machine and your regular desktop environment, click on Settings. Choose Shared Folder and add the folder you wish to share. Make sure to mark automount.

  • To install Guest Additions, select Devices > Insert Guest Additions CD image… (top left of the VirtualBox Window). Then, open a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+t), go to “/media/nest/VBOXADDITIONS…/” and run “sudo bash”.

  • To set the correct language layout for your keyboard (e.g., from “US” to “DE”), open a terminal and type: “sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration”. After setting the correct keyboard map you have to reboot the system to activate the changes.