Developer space

Here is all documentation pertaining to the development of NEST. It is documentation for anyone needing to touch the code or documentation.

Install NEST from source

Contribute to NEST

NEST draws its strength from the many people that use and improve it. We are happy to consider your contributions (e.g., new models, bug or documentation fixes) for addition to the official version of NEST.

Please familiarize yourself with our guides and workflows:

Mailing list

Have a question or problem about NEST? Get help from the NEST community: use our mailing list.

Create a GitHub issue

If you have a feature request, bug report or other issue, create an issue on GitHub using the templates

Contribute code
Contribute documentation


Adding models to NEST

If you are looking at creating a new model, please check out NESTML: a modeling language supporting neuron and synapse specification, based on the syntax of Python.

In order to make sure that the NEST Initiative can manage the NEST code base in the long term, you need to send us a completed and signed NEST Contributor Agreement to transfer your copyright to the NEST Initiative before we can merge your pull request.

Developer guides

Reviewer guidelines

If you are requested to review a pull request, please check our Code review guidelines

Continuous integration
SLI documentation
C++ documentation
Helpful guides

Here are a few miscellaneous guides that you might find useful: