cont_delay_synapse – Synapse type for continuous delays


cont_delay_synapse relaxes the condition that NEST only implements delays which are an integer multiple of the time step h. A continuous delay is decomposed into an integer part (delay_) and a double (delay_offset_) so that the actual delay is given by delay_*h - delay_offset_. This can be combined with off-grid spike times.

All delays set by the normal NEST Connect function will be rounded, even when using cont_delay_synapse. To set non-grid delays, you must either

  1. set the delay as model default using SetDefaults(), which is very efficient, but results in a situation where all synapses then will have the same delay.

  2. set the delay for each synapse after the connections have been created, which is slower, but allows individual delay values.

Continuous delays cannot be shorter than the simulation resolution.


SpikeEvent, RateEvent, CurrentEvent, ConductanceEvent, DoubleDataEvent

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