Music example receiver scriptΒΆ

Please note that MUSIC and the recording backend for Arbor are mutually exclusive and cannot be enabled at the same time.

import sys
import music
import numpy
from itertools import takewhile, dropwhile

setup = music.Setup()
stoptime = setup.config("stoptime")
timestep = setup.config("timestep")

comm = setup.comm
rank = comm.Get_rank()

pin = setup.publishContInput("in")
data = numpy.array([0.0, 0.0], dtype=numpy.double), interpolate=False)

runtime = setup.runtime(timestep)
mintime = timestep
maxtime = stoptime+timestep
start = dropwhile(lambda t: t < mintime, runtime)
times = takewhile(lambda t: t < maxtime, start)
for time in times:
    val = data
    sys.stdout.write(f"t={time}\treceiver {rank}: received {val}\n")

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