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PyNEST Microcircuit: Stimulus Parameters

A dictionary with parameters for an optional external transient stimulation. Thalamic input and DC input can be switched on individually.

import numpy as np

stim_dict = {
    # optional thalamic input
    # turn thalamic input on or off (True or False)
    'thalamic_input': False,
    # start of the thalamic input (in ms)
    'th_start': 700.0,
    # duration of the thalamic input (in ms)
    'th_duration': 10.0,
    # rate of the thalamic input (in spikes/s)
    'th_rate': 120.0,
    # number of thalamic neurons
    'num_th_neurons': 902,
    # connection probabilities of the thalamus to the different populations
    # (same order as in 'populations' in 'net_dict')
        np.array([0.0, 0.0, 0.0983, 0.0619, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0512, 0.0196]),
    # mean amplitude of the thalamic postsynaptic potential (in mV),
    # standard deviation will be taken from 'net_dict'
    'PSP_th': 0.15,
    # mean delay of the thalamic input (in ms)
    'delay_th_mean': 1.5,
    # relative standard deviation of the thalamic delay (in ms)
    'delay_th_rel_std': 0.5,

    # optional DC input
    # turn DC input on or off (True or False)
    'dc_input': False,
    # start of the DC input (in ms)
    'dc_start': 650.0,
    # duration of the DC input (in ms)
    'dc_dur': 100.0,
    # amplitude of the DC input (in pA); final amplitude is population-specific
    # and will be obtained by multiplication with 'K_ext'
    'dc_amp': 0.3}

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