Variables and parameter names

Conventions for parameters

1. Do not use capitalization to indicate whether a value in the status dictionary is variable. 1. Where available, use the notation from P.Dayan & L.F.Abbott, _Theoretical Neuroscience_, MIT Press, 2001. 1. Where not available, use a notation that is consistent with Dayan & Abbott. 1. Subscripts are indicated by underscores

Parameters and symbols



Membrane potential Resting potential Input current Leak current Threshold Reset Potential Capacity or specific capacitance Capacitance Membrane time const. Synapse time constant Refractory period Time of last spike Excitatory reversal potential Inhibitory reversal potential Conductance Leak conductance Sodium conductance Sodium reversal potential Potassium conductance Potassium reversal potential

V_m E_L I_e I_L V_th V_reset c_m C_m tau_m tau_syn t_ref t_spike E_ex E_in g g_L g_Na E_Na g_K E_K

Common suffixes (subscripts)



m L e th syn ref ex in

membrane leak extern threshold synapse refractory excitatory inhibitory