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music_rate_in_proxy – A device which receives rate data from MUSIC


A music_rate_in_proxy can be used to receive rate data from remote MUSIC applications in NEST.

It uses the MUSIC library to receive the data from other applications. The music_rate_in_proxy represents a complete port to which MUSIC can connect and send data. The music_rate_in_proxy can be queried using GetStatus to retrieve the messages.


The following properties are available in the status dictionary:

port_name - The name of the MUSIC input port to listen to (default:


port_width - The width of the MUSIC input port data - The data received on the port as vector of doubles published - A bool indicating if the port has been already published

with MUSIC

The parameter port_name can be set using SetStatus.


/music_rate_in_proxy Create /mcip Set 10 Simulate mcip GetStatus /data get /gaze_directions Set

Availability: Only when compiled with MUSIC

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