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Developer documentation workflow

What you need to know

For developer documentation, we use Doxygen comments extensively throughout NEST.

After installing NEST, you can extract comments from the source code with make doc. A doxygen folder with HTML files will be generated in the doc folder in your source directory.


This workflow shows you how to create developer documentation for NEST. For the user documentation, please refer to our User documentation workflow.


Make sure you have already installed NEST and created your build and install directories. Your CMake version needs to be up-to-date.

  1. Install Doxygen.

If you are a Linux user, type:

sudo apt install doxygen

For macOS, please use Homebrew:

brew install doxygen
  1. Go to your build directory:

cd </path/to/nest-build>
  1. Generate HTML:

make doc
  1. Preview documentation:

cd doc/doxygen/html
browser index.html