High Performance Computer Systems Installation

Minimal configuration

NEST can be compiled without any external packages; such a configuration may be useful for initial porting to a new supercomputer. However, this implies several restrictions:

  • Some neuron and synapse models will not be available, as they depend on ODE solvers from the GNU Scientific Library.

  • The Python extension will not be available

  • Multi-threading and parallel computing facilities will be disabled.

To configure NEST for compilation without external packages, use the following command:

cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=<nest_install_dir> \
      -Dwith-python=OFF \
      -Dwith-gsl=OFF \
      -Dwith-readline=OFF \
      -Dwith-ltdl=OFF \
      -Dwith-openmp=OFF \

See the CMake Options to further adjust settings for your system.