This is A PREVIEW for NEST 3.0 and NOT an OFFICIAL RELEASE! Some functionality may not be available and information may be incomplete!

spike_recorder – Collecting spikes from neurons


The most universal collector device is the spike_recorder, which collects and records all spikes it receives from neurons that are connected to it. Each spike received by the spike recorder is immediately handed over to the selected recording backend for further processing.

Any node from which spikes are to be recorded, must be connected to the spike recorder using the standard Connect command. The connection weights and delays are ignored by the spike recorder, which means that the spike recorder records the time of spike creation rather than that of their arrival.

>>> neurons = nest.Create('iaf_psc_alpha', 5)
>>> sr = nest.Create('spike_recorder')
>>> nest.Connect(neurons, sr)

The call to Connect will fail if the connection direction is reversed (i.e., connecting sr to neurons).