music_rate_out_proxy – Device to forward rates to remote applications using MUSIC


A music_rate_out_proxy is used to send rates to a remote application that also uses MUSIC.

The music_rate_out_proxy represents a complete MUSIC rate output port. The channel on the port to which a source node forwards its events is determined during connection setup by using the parameter music_channel of the connection. The name of the port is set via SetStatus (see Parameters section below).


The following properties are available in the status dictionary:

port_name - The name of the MUSIC output_port to forward events to (default: rate_out)

port_width - The width of the MUSIC input port

published - A bool indicating if the port has been already published with MUSIC

The parameter port_name can be set using SetStatus.

Availability: Only when compiled with MUSIC

See also

Device, Rate, MUSIC

Examples using this model