music_event_in_proxy – A device which receives spikes from MUSIC


A music_event_in_proxy can be used to pass spikes to nodes within NEST which are received from another application.

It uses the MUSIC library to receive spike events from other applications. The music_event_in_proxy represents one channel on a port to which MUSIC can connect an event source. The music_event_in_proxy can be connected to local neurons or devices within NEST to receive the events. Multiple music_in_proxies can be configured to listen on the same port, but each channel can only listened to by a single proxy.

This model is only available if NEST was compiled with MUSIC.


The following properties are available in the status dictionary:



The name of the MUSIC input port to listen to (default: event_in)



The MUSIC global index on the input port to listen to



A bool indicating if the port has been already registered with the corresponding MUSIC event handler

The parameters port_name and music_channel can be set using SetStatus. The acceptable latency of the MUSIC input port can be set using the command SetAcceptableLatency.

See also

Device, MUSIC, Spike

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