Optimize performance of HPC SystemsΒΆ

If you are new to running NEST on HPC systems or trying to improve the performance or debug issues, we have provided a few guides to help you out. There are a few things to consider about the hardware and software of the HPC system you are using for improving the overall performance.

Although there will be some variation between scripts and HPC systems, in general, we recommend that

  • resources are fully utilized (e.g., all available cores are used).

  • one thread pinned to one core (no simultaneous multithreading)

  • More than one MPI process is used (for NEST 3)

Overview of HPC systems

Get an overview of common hardware and software components in HPC systems

Example SLURM script

See a typical job script, with detailed descriptions of each line.


Learn about threading and useful OpenMP settings

MPI processes

Get some tips on MPI processes and OpenMPI

See also

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