This is A PREVIEW for NEST 3.0 and NOT an OFFICIAL RELEASE! Some functionality may not be available and information may be incomplete!

PyNEST microcircuit

This is a PyNEST implementation of the microcircuit model by Potjans and Diesmann 1.

Here you can inspect all files belonging to this example:

  • README: documentation of this microcircuit model implementation and its usage

  • run_microcircuit.py: an example script to try out the microcircuit

  • network.py: the main Network class with functions to build and simulate the network

  • helpers.py: helper functions for network construction, simulation and evaluation

  • network_params.py: network and neuron parameters

  • stimulus_params.py: parameters for optional external stimulation

  • sim_params.py: simulation parameters

  • reference_data: reference data and figures obtained by executing run_microcircuit.py with default parameters



Potjans TC. and Diesmann M. 2014. The cell-type specific cortical microcircuit: relating structure and activity in a full-scale spiking network model. Cerebral Cortex. 24(3):785–806. DOI: 10.1093/cercor/bhs358.